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Loch Health has a dedicated team of medical professionals who deliver employee Wellness Health Checks for employers and individuals and can support employers in dealing effectively with their absence management. We also provide specialist First Aid Training for employer’s to meet their legal requirements.

Services we provide:

Wellness Checks

Loch Health’s bespoke Wellness Check assesses a person’s risk for the five biggest killers in the UK. Our health experts can provide personalised and tailored advice dependent on the results to encourage a healthier life and prevent the development of illnesses such as heart disease, some forms of dementia, kidney failure and diabetes.

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By providing your workforce with a Wellness Check you can boost morale, encourage healthier practices which ultimately will protect your staff and your business from sickness absences.

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Absence Management

Looking after an employee when off sick from work can be a confusing and delicate process for employers. Our HR Medical Specialists use their medical and HR expertise to support an employer and manage and reduce absences and deal with sensitive health issues effectively.

Our HR Medical Specialists can help you manage short and long term absences, repetitive absences and potentially distressing illnesses such as cancer or depression.

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Loch Health offers a number of bespoke medical tests for employers to offer to their staff or for individuals who want to take control of their health.

We offer comprehensive:

  • Food Intolerance Testing for employees or individuals which tests 57 of the most common foods with quick results
  • AC1 Glucose Testing assesses your blood sugar levels for the past 6 months providing an accurate picture of your risk of diabetes
  • Prostate Screening Test testing for abnormal levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), an indicator of Prostate Cancer, in a non-obtrusive method
  • Drug and Alcohol tests for employers who want to be assured their staff are not affected by drugs and alcohol


We provide specialist First Aid Training to GP Surgeries, Nurseries, Schools and Dental Practices, to ensure your business meet’s its legal obligations in the incidence of an emergency. We offer  First Aid Training for any business that needs internationally accredited first aiders in their workplace.

We are recognised by Qualsafe Awards, OfQUAL, OFSTED, CQC and NEyTCO and meet the requirements of the BDA, GDC, EYFS, and the Resuscitation Council UK.

Here are just some of the areas our First Aid Courses cover, depending on your needs:

  • First Aid at Work
  • Emergency First Aid
  • CPR – adult child and infant
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Emergency Oxygen Use
  • Paediatric and baby First Aid

first aid courses

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