Absence Management

Loch Health’s HR Medical Specialists can provide advice and support with absence management solutions. 

Loch Health has created an innovative and unique service to tackle absences in the workplace, making the process easy and smooth for employers. Our HR Medical Specialists are all HR Consultants with a medical background and specialist knowledge in physiotherapy, mental health, occupational health or social work who can help businesses manage absenteeism. We look specifically for commercially focused and cost effective solutions for the employer when managing absences.

They can help by carrying out welfare and Return to Work Meetings which are an essential part of managing absence and is proven to be a cost effective management tool in reducing the number of absence episodes and the time taken off sick.

How our absence amangement solutions can help you:

  • Carry out return to work meetings
  • Help to avoid or manage long term absences more effectively
  • Keep a note of contacts made, provide written reports with regards to measures that may facilitate a return to work or reduce episodes of absenteeism
  • Identify issues which may be affecting performance or attendance
  • Take time to get to know your employees and the factors that affect their health
  • Give advice on medication that can have side effects on things like physical stamina, mood, driving, machinery operation and safety critical tasks
  • Identify any early interventions that may help the employee regain their fitness
  • Be flexible, treat each case individually, but on a fair and consistent basis
  • Give the employee the opportunity to discuss their health or other concerns freely

Using an HR Medical Specialist is very effective in the management of employees who have multiple, short duration sickness absences. The HR Medical Specialist can put sickness into context with previous absences, identify links and then in partnership with you offer cost effective solutions from either a medical point of view or an HR perspective.

  • Accurate records of absenteeism
  • Maintain contact with employee
  • Cost effective workplace adjustments recommended and implemented
  • Alternative cost effective solutions or treatments sought to achieve an earlier return to work
  • Return to work plans devices, agreed, implemented and reviewed
  • Supported by comprehensive report for the employer, which can act as evidence if needed going forward

Case Studies

How our Absence Management solutions have helped some of our clients

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