Wellperson Checks for Employers

Loch Health’s team of dedicated medical staff can provide a total workplace health screening service for employers to support their employees’ general health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Wellness Checks help you to ensure your workforce perform at their peak level by:

 Preventing unnecessary absenteeism

 Supporting your employees wellbeing

 Helping to uncover health problems in their early stages

 Improving staff loyalty and retention by investing in their wellbeing

Our qualified medical practitioners provide a mobile service that can work onsite with you ensuring minimal disruption to the working day. Loch Health’s Wellness Check is a comprehensive individualised screening service that tests for indicators of key conditions such as cholesterol, CVD, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Kidney disease.

We provide employees with a record of their test results through an easy to understand traffic light system. These results are handed over in a personal consultation, supported by recommendations for wellbeing and lifestyle changes, and where required, a referral letter for the individual’s GP.

For the employer we provide a confidential, anonymous report so you can get an overview of your staff’s wellbeing complete with recommendations on how to improve your employees’ overall health and wellbeing. For many organisations, a visit six to twelve months later is a very successful way to measure improvements in their health and wellbeing.

The price of our Wellness Checks for employers depends on the number of employees to be screened. Our prices start from £65.00 + VAT per person for a minimum of ten employees.

For a personalised quote or to discuss anything further please contact Loch Health on 01892 574960 or info@lochhealth.co.uk

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