Managing Return to Work

Carrying out return to work meetings (RTW) is an essential requirement of absence management. A RTW that is properly conducted is proven to be a cost effective management tool by reducing the length of absence and number of times taken off due to illness. However, managers often feel uncomfortable about getting information from employees, particularly for uses involving embarrassing or distressing information. Interviews in these instances can be counterproductive. We can help by doing these for you or training your managers in how to carry out these meetings.

A multitude of issues can arise for the employer from a poorly conducted RTW which can then escalate to seriously impact the organisation. By failing to understand the nature an length of an illness, plans for absence cover or managing disability can be delayed or ineffective.

By handling the situation in a sympathetic and practical manner, these everyday real issues can be approached cost effectively and appropriately for every individual situation.

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Long term absences can be difficult and distressing to manage due to potentially complex issues involving emotional or difficult issues to discuss such as cancer. Some employees may need additional support in returning to work or help to stay in work.

Our aim is to help you identify the nature and causes of absences as well as assist your employees to re-enter or stay in work by implementing cost effective measures to reduce the impact and cost to your business of sickness.

Our sister company HR Advise Me has HR Medical Specialists who can make initial contact and provide support in facilitating an employee’s early return to work.

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