Managing Return to Work

 Return to Work Meetings

Carrying out return to work meetings (RTW) is essential to effectively manage absences. Carried out properly, the RTW has been proven to be cost effective and reduces the length of absence and number of days taken off. However, managers often feel uncomfortable about discussing absences with employees, particularly where it involves personal or sensitive information. RTW’s in these instances can be counterproductive but we can help by doing these for you or training your managers on how to carry out these meetings.

Long term absences can be difficult to manage due to potentially complex issues involving emotional, or depressive or terminal conditions. Our HR Medical Specialists are experts in dealing with these situations.

 Implementing Measures

By failing to understand the nature and length of an illness, plans for absence cover or managing disability can be delayed or ineffective. We can help by ensuring this does not happen.

Our aim is to help you identify the nature and causes of absences as well as assist you with the return to work or help by implementing cost effective measures to help them to stay at work, to reduce the impact and cost to your business of sickness.

Our HR Medical Specialists are supported by Loch Health’s sister company, Loch Employment Law, to provide expert legal advice and support when needed regarding measures for keeping an employee in work or facilitating a return to work.

For assistance with managing a return to work or advice on measures to keep an employee in work when unwell please contact us on 01892 574960 or use the contact form below

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